Event Calendar

Northlake Montessori Calendar 2015-2016

Sept. 2nd

Sept. 7th

Sept. 10th

Sept. 14th

Sept. 15th

Sept. 16th

Sept. 17th

Sept. 28th-30th

Oct. 13th

Oct. 15th

Oct. 16th

Oct. 20th

Oct. 22nd

Oct. 30th

Nov. 2-13th

Nov. 11th

Nov. 26th

Nov. 27th

Dec. 16th

Dec. 21-Jan 1st

Dec. 24th

Dec. 25th

Dec. 31st

Jan. 1st

Jan. 18th

Jan. 25th

Feb. 12th

Feb. 15th

Feb. 16-19th

Apr. 11-15th

May 30th

June 8th

June 16th

First Day of School

Labor Day-CLOSED

Kindergarten "Meet the Teachers Night"

Prek #1 "Meet the Teachers Night"

Prek #2 "Meet the Teachers Night"

Prek #3 "Meet the Teachers Night"

Prek #4 "Meet the Teachers Night"

Picture Days

PK1 to the Pumpkin Patch

PK2 to the Pumpkin Patch

PK3 to the Pumpkin Patch

PK4 to the Pumpkin Patch

Kindergarten to the Pumpkin Patch

Harvest Parties

Annual Food Drive

Veterans Day-Open

Happy Thanksgiving-CLOSED

Open limited hours-Sign up day

Holiday Program- 7pm First Lutheran Church in Bothell

Public School Here

Limited hours-Sign up day

Christmas Day-CLOSED

New Year's Eve-Close at 5pm

Happy New Year's-CLOSED

Martin Luther King Day-Open

Public School Here

Valentine's Day Parties

President's Day-Open

Public School Here

Public School Here

Memorial Day-CLOSED

Graduation- Date subject to change

Last Day of School

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