Welcome to the Wonderful World of Waddlers

Aiding in the Development of Children for More Than Eight Years

Your child has grown right before your eyes and it all happened so fast! They have begun to stand, walk, experience new emotions and feelings, understand routines, play, and talk! Now they have entered the Waddler Room... so what now?

Everyone in the Waddler Room would first like to welcome you! The teachers in this classroom take pride in creating an enriching and fun learning environment full of new things to do and explore! Their classroom is always changing—whether it be new toys or an entire new furniture arrangement—they love to have fun and keep the Waddlers entertained and happy, no matter what it takes!

What should you expect while your child is in the Waddler Room?

In the Waddler Room, we encourage the children to further develop their fine motor skills, as well as help them with the new feelings and emotions they begin to experience. We begin to introduce some Montessori work in small daily sessions, leaving them short enough to maintain each child’s attention. We also start arts and crafts, which can be a lot of fun, but sometimes messy. We play outside, too, if the weather permits.

Along with all of these new activities, we begin to settle the class into a routine. All the children play, eat, and nap together. The introduction of a routine is a welcome change to this age group, as they love to know what to expect next in their day.

Having a Waddler is a wonderful experience, but can also be challenging. If you ever have a question or concern, please ask our staff! We are here to help you in any way we can. Information about upcoming events will be posted in the classroom and will be noted in the newsletter.

We now welcome you into the Wonderful World of Waddlers and are very excited to learn more about everyone! Please contact us at (425) 368-2444 if you have any questions.

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