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Helping Your Child Transition Smoothly

Our preschool program serves as a bridge for your child—helping them take the step from toddler to our Pre-K programs. In their classroom, they can be provided with Montessori material and can start being introduced to many practical life skills. Our Bothell Montessori school is here to help your children develop during this critical time in their life and provide them with a caring, nurturing, and challenging environment.

The main goals of our preschool program include potty training, phonetics, numbers, independence, and other important skills to help prepare them for Pre-kindergarten. We encourage your child to work in groups to develop their sensory and practical life skills. Our preschool programs offer a variety of enrichment activities to teach them about science, culture, art and manners.

We offer several Pre-K programs to fit your child's particular needs:

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In between all our learning and growing exercises, we also take time every week to sing songs and learn an instrument. Your child can be presented with a comprehensive education to help them become well-rounded individuals when they attend our school. If you want to learn more about our preschool program, contact us at 425-368-2444.

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