Pre-K Programs

Our four Pre-Kindergarten Montessori classrooms are individual and unique in teaching styles and learning environments. These classrooms are designed to nurture a child's learning, promote independence, creativeness and academic achievement. The major areas of curriculum are language, math, practical life and sensorial.

Enrichment activities such as science, culture, art and music are also included. Children learn to care for themselves, others and their environment around them. This includes self help skills, keeping their classroom clean and tidy, table manners and courtesy to others. We encourage all families to be a part of your child's learning experience.

Kids learn by doing things themselves and we provide them with an endless amount of enthusiasm and tools to explore with. Your child will take their "home work" home to share with you! It could be an art project or piece of curriculum that we have worked on that day, so that you can repeat it with them at home.

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